We found a great hotel near the old danube with good food & affordable prices

Hotel Lenas Donau

Wagramer Strasse 52
1220 Vienna, Austria

Parking lots free (limited)
free W-Lan


double room incl. breakfast EUR 64 (price of the room) (~72 USD)
single room incl. breakfast EUR 54 (~62 USD)
triple room incl. breakfast EUR 96 (price of the room) (~108 USD)


Hotel has to be paid on site


If you want this special rate and if you want to be place to the right floor,
you have to make your reservation
  • via mail and
  • in advance and
  • with the code PEZ VIENNA

How to make your reservation

Please send your hotel reservation via mail to (please don't use any other mail address)
(don't forget the code PEZ VIENNA)


Do you have to stay at the hotel?
If you want a dealer table, YES.
Otherwise no, but be aware of that you will hardly find a cheaper hotel than our special rate